Training module for sustainable management

in aquaculture (Step-by-Step-AquaCultureInnovation)



Aquaculture accounts for almost one third of the world’s total supply of food fish. Due to rising concerns about the state of natural resources farmers have to meet the challenges of sustainable production. The pressure on natural resources increased significantly within the last years by strong demand on food products and by environmental impacts.

Unsustainable aquaculture can destroy natural resources and impact on food quality. A non sustainable production will only generate short and medium term profits as the world wide awareness for sustainable production of fish food raised in the recent past.

This platform aims to offer information on sustainable aquaculture management. Users will learn about the sustainable principle and the economic influencing factors on aquaculture management. By different Training Modules the awareness for sustainable production will be raised. At the same time different tools and practices are given exemplarily for raising farmer’s profit.

Main contents of Training Modules are:

  • Sustainable principles in management
  • Economic basics for sustainable aquaculture
  • Sustainable water management
  • Ways to increase farm profit
  • Practical examples from case studies

There is no clear and generally guideline for sustainable aquaculture farm management existing. Developing a management towards a suitable way does not mean just to implement single tools and practices given on this platform. Rather, given information should set the base for re-setting farm management in regard to a sustainable and profitable manner.